Best OSCOLA Paper Format Guidelines

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OSCOLA (The Oxford Standard for Citation Of Legal Authorities) is considered as one of the most important and a standardized way of referencing the different types of the legal documents. First of all, it was used to cite the legal academic content in the UK. You can’t only reference the primary sources with the help of the OSCOLA referencing style, but you can also cite the secondary sources with the help of this amazing referencing style. Nowadays, this referencing style is used by the different institutes, journals as well as some book publishers not only in the UK but also in the other countries. If you are not able to cite your paper by using this important referencing style, then you can get help from the assignment writing services. The best tips to cite your paper by using the OSCOLA referencing format are given below;

  • Understand the OSCOLA referencing requirements

If we talk about the requirements of the referencing styles in the OSCOLA, then we come to know that there are two basic types of the OSCOLA referencing requirements. The first type is known as the Footnotes and the second type is known as the Bibliographies. The Footnotes are used to the authority that has become the cause to precede the main idea of the topic. On the other hand, a bibliography is usually placed at the end of the document and it presents all the resources that you have used in order to gather the data for your academic paper.

  • Guidelines to write the bibliography

The bibliography section of your Law academic paper is divided into three main parts. The first part is known as the table of the legislation, the second type is known as the table of cases, and the third type is known as the list of the resources. You should try to cite all the treaties and the legislation in the table of legislation. All of these treaties and the legislation should be cited in the alphabetical order. In the second, there comes the table of cases and in this part, you should try to cite all the cases that you have written in your academic paper. At last, there comes the bibliography and it should include all the secondary sources from where you have gathered the data for your Law academic paper.

  • General guidelines

The most important guidelines that you should keep in mind while referencing the paper by using the OSCOLA referencing style are given below;

  1. The footnote should be placed just after the actual word or the punctuation
  2. If you are going to close a footnote, then you should place the full stop at the end of the footnote
  3. All the titles and the other case numbers should be italicized
  4. If you are going to separate the two consecutive footnotes, then you can separate these footnotes by using the semi-colons
  5. If you are going to place a quotation that is longer than the three lines, then you can use it with the help of the intended paragraph instead of using the quotation marks

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